Kingswood Golf Club

Club Rules, Dress Code, Etiquette and Safeguarding at Kingswood

Members and visitors are asked to follow the rules set out below

The club wishes to preserve a ‘smart but casual’ approach based on clothing that is principally designed for golf.

As, however, dress sense is a highly subjective topic, the club would appreciate your support in maintaining the following standards.

TROUSERS – Denim jeans, tracksuits and military style attire are not considered appropriate on the golf course. SHOES – Spikes or soft spike golf shoes must be worn on the golf course. Trainers are not considered appropriate.
CLUBHOUSE & RESTAURANT – At all times smart casual attire is appropriate. Jeans are permitted in the Clubhouse. CAPS – Caps should not be worn the wrong way round (i.e. peak at the back) and as a courtesy to others, preferably not to be worn in the clubhouse.
SHORTS – Tailored shorts may be worn at any time, with ankle length sport socks. MOBILE PHONES – Phones may be left on SILENT and then taken to the vestibule, reception area or car park for use, in consideration of other members and guests.

SHIRTS – For men, shirts without collars are not deemed appropriate on the golf course.

Golf shirts designed and tailored to be worn un-tucked are permitted on the golf course, otherwise shirts must be tucked in.

CODE OF CONDUCT - Kingswood Club and Lodge operate a zero tolerence policy on any rude or abusive behaviour to any member of staff.
Antisocial behaviour by any person (member or visitor) is not tolerated at any time and applies to both face to face and or via any digital platform or communication.

The implementation of this dress code and code of conduct is primarily the responsibility of the Management and staff of Kingswood Club and Lodge. It is expected that the implementation of this code will be effected with courtesy and common sense – especially regarding guests and visitors. However, those who knowingly disregard this may be asked by a member of staff to leave or refrain from entering certain areas of the clubhouse.

Golfers enter onto the golf course at their own risk and are liable for their actions. In the event of adverse or potentially dangerous weather, ie thunder/lightning, it is the responsibility of each individual golfer to decide to continue to play or to return to the Clubhouse.  A decision to continue play is entirely at the player’s risk. 

When playing, please follow the rules of golf and for our local rules and slope charts click  here

Kingswood Golf and Country Club is committed to Safeguarding - Click here for further information

Kingswood Golf and Country Club is committed to respecting one another - Click here for the EDI Policy and here for the Disciplinary Policy / Junior Playing Golf Risk Assessment click here

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